Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My Permanent Residence Card came in the mail today. It means, I'm an official, legal immigrant here in Canada. It's exciting to have it now considering that I'll be needing it whenever I decided to go out of this country (and come back before the expiration date of the card). It's pretty exciting, I guess.

I just made a Goodreads account (check it out!). It's an awesome site for book-whores like I am and keep tabs on the book you've read, currently reading, and wants to read. There are also a lot of nice people who gives you good book recommendations. And the awesomest (wrong grammar intended) of it all is that you can also download free e-books! I'm currently on a challenge of reading 50 books for the rest of the year *fingers crossed*. Goodreads should pay me for advertising them.

There's really nothing much to tell right now. I haven't experienced any exciting stuff lately because 1, I'm always in the room and glued in front of the computer and 2, I think I'm transforming into a boring person (which I don't want to happen but I think it already did *sad face*). I'm just too occupied with all my e-books lately and all the movie and music downloads I'm doing.

Anyway, that's all there is. I might post another entry next week after I have watched the last movie installation for Harry Potter.

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