Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because Hair Issues Are Exciting

Before I continue this post, I must warn you that this is about my hair and how I'm totally going bonkers about it (and how I'm turning into a very OC person lately). And I'm going to give you a brief history of my relationship with it.

Way waaaaaay back when I was little, I had a very long, dark, curly hair. If I just knew how lucky I was for having those majestic locks, I shouldn't have cut it. Anyway, I had no choice too. The Philippines had (and still has) a very humid condition, and I used to play outdoors a lot so my Mom decided that having it taken away from me is for the best. So since then, I got used to having very short hair. I used to rock bob cuts, boy hair, and I used to have the kind of hairstyle Former President Gloria Arroyo had (circa 2006). I also had Dora hair. People still tease me about it sometimes.

When I reached my junior year in high school, I decided to experiment with my hair. I had my first ever fringes (I let my classmate cut it--we were pretty stupid back then, okay!), and I let my hair grow a little. I was proud of it, actually. I felt ~*beautiful*~.

Anyway, I must've been on a lot of drugs in senior year because I decided to have a bob cut again! I was so into the K-Pop genre (it was a very stupid phase), and I thought I could rock the hairstyle again without looking stupid. Turns out, when you're older, and fatter than you used to be, bob cuts just don't look good on you in every. fucking. angle.

ALSO: I am the kind of person who get haircuts after getting my heartbroken. Even if my hair is so short, I'd still have a haircut. Which means: I kept my hair short until I was in first term in college.

So in college, I also had short hair. I got it dyed brown so it won't look dull just like how it used to in high school. It was kind of okay, I guess. I look more girly than before too so I didn't complain that much unlike when I was in high school.

But I guess things became rocky between me and my hair when I started going to boxing classes and gym. I grew it long and I always had it in a bun (and they said that isn't healthy for the hair). I also didn't took care of my roots and had treatments. Also, I got tired combing it and I just let it dry on its own and then I would use my hands to take the ones that got jumbled apart.

I guess my hair hates me, because I now have a great number of split ends. :( I'm having a lot of problems with it. I, at least, waste 20 minutes on just combing it because it's so dry (because I had it dyed again two months ago). I also experience hair fall! Seriously, if I didn't had my doctor's appointment, I might think I have stage 3 cancer!

Anyway, I'll try to patch things up between us starting with treatments. I'm also going to have the tips dyed (I'm still not decided which color, though) and hopefully, it becomes lively again.

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