Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What is up, people? I am done with the introduction stuff because this is my third blogger account! I hope I won't get tired updating this one because boy-oh-boy was I very disappointed with my attention span when nothing happened with the last one (insert sad face).

Going straight with my topic...

Definition: is a person who has a problem with throwing out a large number of items that would appear to have little or no value to others.

I named this post "hoarder" because I'm somewhat like one. I don't literally keep trash with me but I do have this lack of strength to let go of my old social-networking or blog site accounts. That still counts as hoarding, right? Anyway, I thought of deleting them before but I convinced myself that it was not the right time because the memories were still fresh--even though years had already past--and I was still in that stage where I come back to them and look at the pictures that would remind me of the happiness the past gave me.

My strength might have boosted up--or maybe it's because I'm emotionally disabled now--because when I visited Friendster today, I didn't had second thoughts with deleting it after looking at the photos and went on it in a flash without thinking. The same happened with my Multiply,, Wordpress, Xanga, and the other blogger account.

You should've seen my face when I finished doing it. I felt like I'm a bird got out of a cage. My past isn't holding me back anymore. And I'm happy with what I did. I don't regret anything because I know it was the greatest thing I have ever did.

It's nice to go back to the past once in a while but taking time to appreciate the present is more healthy. It's another step for being genuinely happy!!! I need to get back to my old self fast!!!!

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