Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Being Me

This could be a disadvantage but I'm a very secretive person when it comes with my family. I like to push them all out of my bubble and choose just a few to trust. Aside from my parents, I only trust one other person, which is my Tita Jaja (my Dad's youngest sister). Other than them, I only trust my secrets with my friends.

And I love her so. People ask me why~

I also have this not-so-good reputation in our family. The thing is, my Dad raised me as a kid who should always observe people and not to trust them right away. And I was actually awakened at an early age to what my relatives are like and who I should and shouldn't trust. I wasn't like any other kid who just comes up to them and be sweet and stuff. I was the kind of niece/grand daughter/cousin who just sits in the corner and wait for the others to smile at me before I could smile back.

You see, you can never really blame my parents for teaching me grown-up stuff in an early age. They were practical enough to show me the real world right away so I wouldn't panic and feel dependent to others.

I know, I know, it's my family I am talking about after all. I should respect them and try to control my emotions when I'm around them (because I'm a very tacky person, I usually just say whatever's on my mind without really thinking about them). I do respect them, I really do. I love them all and we have shared a great deal of awesome memories but sometimes, they just get in my nerves. They have different attitudes and they do lie to my parents about small stuff and I really hate liars.

I really don't know what's the point of this post and I have already broken a rule my Dad told me (not to share the most intimate issue in my life) but I just need to get this off my chest because lately, my Aunt has been grinding my gears and I've been using all my strength not to explode and let myself loosely scream right at her face.

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