Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Awesome Week

This week was especially F-U-N considering how I've managed to use most of the time being productive and feeling some sand on my toes and wind on my hair.

Sisler HS called back last Monday. Dad nagged me into studying so I 'studied' through Monday 'til Tuesday to get ready. I skimmed through parts of Math and Science but didn't give so much effort considering as I'm the happy-go-lucky kind of person. I just read some and continued reading Harry Potter. The exam went great, except for the Science test. It was so fucking hard--because I studied Biology and t
he shit was about Physics--I just had to guess most of it.

Anyway, I know I did great. The school will call again to give me grade 11 courses that I'll take (or maybe they'll let me choose too, IDK).

Then Friday, I went with my parents and my cousin to the bank to accompany Dad and get his Visa card so he could finally buy himself a new phone. He went through stuff I didn't understand which lead for him not to have the card yet. My other cousin called and invited us to come with him and his family to Red River Exhibition (which is a carnival that only goes into the town once a month).

The place was shitload of fun! I got to go to this ride that made me want to hurl 'cause it felt like I was going round in an electric fan. And there were a lot of stuff that was so fun but I couldn't explain it anymore. And I won a cheetah stuff toy!!

Then the next day, we went to my cousin's house to have dinner and karaoke! I don't have pictures of it yet because my cousin's wife took great pictures and I'm waiting for her to share 'em with me. I took crappy ones and I didn't even have a good picture on my own camera (suxx2bme)!!!!

And then today, we were planning to go to Fun Mountain--a pool resort--and swim and have a picnic. We got disappointed because food and beverages were not allowed inside the place (even though t'was allowed a year ago!!) so we had to go to Bird's Hill which is a park with a man-made lake where people swim. It was a good place too! It has this wild-life feel, surrounded with trees and has fresh air. The man-made lake didn't had a clear, blue water but undoubtedly very clean.

Dad didn't went with us because he had to go to work. :(


Also, I've been trying to cut down on my calorie intakes but I'm terribly failing! It's so hard keeping my diet when it's sooooo good taking down all the food that cross my way! I'm working on it!

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